Tech Company Gains Peace of Mind with Stratus for HR Support

“The great thing about Stratus is that they take care of everything HR, so we don’t have to."


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They helped us create a road map to help us move from the benefits we were offering to better coverage. That saved us money, which is always great."

How an IT services provider uses Stratus for HR services

Ed L. knows a thing or two about providing exceptional service to clients.

As the CEO of a Utah-based Managed Service Provider, his company delivers innovative technology, networking, and security for companies that use the Apple platform. CEOs come to him so that they can free up their time from IT challenges, while also leveraging his team’s expertise to scale their business with their IT.

Ed knows how to stay in his lane. Much like how he can deliver his services to his clients, he knows where his strengths are not. And Ed does not have the expertise, nor will, to manage his company’s HR (human resources). So, taking a page from his own playbook, he outsourced his company’s human resource department to Stratus HR.

Stratus: HR services for companies large and small

“We’re a managed IT services provider,” said Ed. “Just as we deliver an outsourced solution to our clients, I realized that if I didn’t want to handle HR—and I didn’t—I would have to outsource it. Building your own internal HR department takes a great deal of time. But because I wanted to move quickly, it made sense for us to work with a PEO.”

Stratus HR is a PEO, or Professional Employer Organization. They provide a full range of human resource services to companies all around the country

Saving companies money with customizable HR solutions

When I first met the team at Stratus,” recalled Ed, “I could see that there are good synergies between our two companies because we’re very similar in how we deliver our services. They hit all the wickets on what I needed, and I had the feeling that together we were going to make something big. And that’s what’s been happening so far.

From hiring and onboarding, to payroll and benefits, to workers’ compensation and risk management, Stratus offers customizable HR solutions to businesses of any size, no matter the industry.

We’ve implemented a benefits solution through Stratus,” continued Ed. “They helped us create a road map to help us move from the benefits we were offering to better coverage. That saved us money, which is always great.

We’re using their platform to manage PTO (paid time off) as well as payroll, which now is virtually seamless. Instead of tracking payroll, our bookkeeper only needs to approve things—so that makes it far simpler. And when she’s happy, that makes me happy.

Whatever the HR need, Stratus has the resources

Stratus HR does more than fulfill a company’s major HR needs. From handbooks to employee communications, no job is too small or too troublesome. Stratus takes pride in being a complete resource for human resources.

“In addition to the big stuff, their team walked us through what we needed to do to improve our employee handbook. We’ve even used them to fine tune our hiring authorization letters and help publish employee newsletters. And because they’re handling all our onboarding, our leadership team has more freedom to do what they need to do as opposed to being worried about that process.”

Stratus is another word for peace of mind

Stratus has been providing companies HR solutions for over 20 years. In that time, they’ve saved businesses thousands of dollars through better benefit rates, while allowing these companies to provide better health, dental, vision, life, and retirement plans. What’s more is that Stratus removes the burden of everyday HR responsibilities from CEOs like Ed.

Let me give you two examples of how Stratus makes my life easier every day.

“I track our monthly recurring revenues against our cost of goods. By using Stratus, I have the exact numbers that I need to forecast from quarter to quarter. So, if I onboard a new employee, I know what that cost is going to look like. And I have a better sense of whether we can make that move or put off that hire until a later date. My decision making becomes fact based with up-to-the-minute data.

“The second example deals with open enrollment. Usually, you work with an independent agency, which can be hit or miss. With Stratus, I know that they are getting the right content to our staff and will answer any questions so our employees can make the best decisions for themselves."

“That frees up my time a lot more and, more importantly, is giving me more peace of mind.”

Taking care of everything HR

The great thing about Stratus is that they take care of everything HR, so we don’t have to. That allows us to have more time to focus on our employees, listen to them, and help them do their jobs to the best of their abilities. All of that helps with employee retention.

“I’m happy to recommend Stratus to people. I didn’t know what a PEO was before, but I’m glad I’m working with one now. If someone is interested in outsourcing their HR, let me know. I’ll gladly link them up with Stratus.”

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