Growing Nationwide: How Stratus HR Helped a Recovery Company Expand

"There’s no way we could have grown in the way we have—and as quickly—without the help and support we’ve received from them."


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There’s no way we could have grown in the way we have—and as quickly—without the help and support we’ve received from them."

Expanding company relies on Stratus to provide HR services across the country

The Vice President of Human Resources (HR) at a very successful asset recovery company with offices across the country faced a daunting problem.

"I came here and discovered we had no HR people,” said their VP. “I was like, how can you even do that? I soon found out that you hire a company like Stratus to handle HR for you.”

Stratus: a full-service HR company at your disposal

Stratus is a PEO—Professional Employer Organization —that can serve as a company’s full-time HR department at a fraction of the cost. A best-in-class service team puts the “human” in human resources with best practices and timely advice from behind-the-scenes experts.

What’s more, the company’s software solutions feature an intuitive user interface to help small-to midsize businesses access helpful resources to assist with hiring, employee management, payroll, and more.

“Stratus had been in place when I arrived,” their VP recalled. “And they’ve been instrumental in helping us grow through acquisitions. The big benefit of working with them is that we can incorporate their HRIS (Human Resource Information System) across all our new companies, which makes life easy."

"When it comes to supporting our employees through payroll and benefits, Stratus is just the best. We rarely have an issue now which wasn’t always the case before. There’s no way we could have grown in the way we have—and as quickly—without the help and support we’ve received from them. We just don’t have the resources in house to seamlessly onboard 50 to 100 people at a time.”

Your full-time HR partner

Companies can use Stratus as a stand-alone HR department or as a complement to in-house staff. Their software can be customized to a business’s particular needs. In all, their services and tools alleviate the burden of HR, workers’ comp, employee benefits, and payroll administration.

“Right now, we have an in-house HR team that’s geographically based,” he continued. “We all use Stratus wherever we can for tasks that are more administrative or compliant in nature—things I don’t want to deal with. Take FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) for example. There’s nothing to gain by running FMLA and doing it really well. You’re either compliant or you’re not. And Stratus does a great job with that.

“Another area is payroll. You could add the greatest payroll person in the world, but you wouldn’t get added value. You either pay people correctly or you don’t. I love that Stratus can do those things. That frees us to do training, leadership development, and employee engagement because we now have the time.”

Adding value to the HR function

In the three years that their VP has worked at his company, they’ve grown by more than 600% with employees now working in various parts of the world. Specializing in the recovery of equipment and money, together they’ve been responsible for more than one billion dollars in resolved client assets.

“Whenever we acquire a new company, the biggest challenge is always whether payroll and benefits match up. We don't want the new employees to suffer at all because of the acquisition. So, we try to do what’s right by them.

The great thing is that Stratus does all that work for us, particularly around benefits. We’ve been able to leverage their tools and get the most out of them. Their team has been very accommodating in any request we’ve made and in making sure that we can do what we need to do.

“If anybody asks me, I’ll speak very highly of Stratus because I’ve really seen the value in what they provide.”



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