provides seasoned HR expertise coupled with advanced technology to help you through every phase of the employee life cycle.
We put the HUMAN back in Human Resources.

Attract Employees

Applicant Tracking simplifies the hiring process with our customizable Applicant Tracking system.

  • Posts jobs on multiple (free) job boards with one entry
  • Makes it easy for job seekers to apply for positions
  • Appears cutting edge to applicants
  • Communicates automatically to post job openings on multiple job seeking sites
  • Sifts through unqualified resumes
  • Generates customized auto-responses regarding application status
  • Retains history of candidate records
  • Tracks applicant status
  • Includes embedded workflow
  • Generates offer letters

Employee Benefits
Through, you can offer affordable and competitive benefits that make you a more attractive employer.

  • Group plans with no employer contributions
  • Economies-of-scale pricing on health insurance and other options
  • Supplemental plans
  • Customized options to fit your company


Paperless Onboarding helps employees get to work on day one with a positive first impression of your company.

  • All legal paperwork is handled before an employee comes to work
    • I-9
    • W-4
    • Required signatures for all employer-required forms
  • Manager can view status of newly hired employee’s paperwork

Online Benefits Enrollment allows employees to make their benefits decisions on their own time with their spouse/partner.

  • Employees can enroll in all qualified benefit plan options online
  • Benefit enrollments integrate into our system
  • All benefit plan summaries are accessible through the online platform

On-site Help
Need to send your employees to our office to do their paperwork or have your Rep come on-site? No problem!

All completed digital paperwork and enrollments are fully integrated with our system.


Performance Management­ assures your team is treated fairly so they remain happy and productive.

  • Performance appraisals
  • Compensation tools
  • Job descriptions
  • Base-pay structures
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Stay interviews
  • Manager training/supervisor coaching

Employee Handbook
Receive a customized handbook for your company that outlines employee guidelines and expectations.

  • Includes comprehensive company policies and procedures for all legal requirements
  • Digital copies of all required paperwork are maintained in’s system
  • Employees have 24/7 access to the handbook via Mobile


Team Development helps train to prevent disasters and improve employee relations.

  • Manager and employee trainings
  • Customized modules for your company’s needs

Employee Retention Tools provides expert advice, guidance and tracking tools to improve employee retention.

  • Stay interviews
  • Employee surveys
  • HR assistance to implement feedback
  • Customized solutions

Employee Self-Service Portal
Employees can answer their own questions 24/7 through our HRIS/HRMS or mobile app, saving you and your staff valuable time.


Discover your real-time turnover trends in the Employer Dashboards.

  • Easily identify specific times of the year with higher turnover rates
  • Find out if specific departments have high turnover issues
  • Develop a retention road map
    • Manager trainings
    • One-on-one meetings
    • Employee surveys
    • Stay interviews
  • Compare results from the initial turnover percentage to determine the strategy’s effectiveness and direction.

Employee terminations
Our experts provide you with resources you need for any employee termination.

  • Help conduct exit interviews
  • Provide expert guidance for sticky situations (discipline, PIP, termination procedure)
  • Maintain a digital paper trail for all warnings and corrective action
  • Distribute COBRA information (where applicable)
  • Cut final paycheck within state-regulated timeframe
  • Manage unemployment claims

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