Low-Cost Workplace Wellbeing Ideas

These simple changes to your daily routine at the office can improve your overall wellbeing - and best of all, they cost practically nothing.



No matter how inviting it looks outside, there’s still work to be done. Our suggestion? Try the following tips that focus on overall workplace wellbeing from our "13 weeks of wellness" series. After incorporating these suggestions, a long day at work won’t feel quite so long after all.

  1. Start seeing green. 

    What will plants do for the workplace? They’ll keep the area “free of harsh elements” by purifying the air. We think they do something else, too: they make the place look nice and homey. Switch them out to match the seasons -- poinsettias and Christmas cactus in the winter, tropical plants for summer.

  2. How are you spending your evening? 

    Ever dread quitting time because you know it’s your turn to cook dinner? (Trust us, you’re not alone.) Start a healthy recipe board in the workplace lunchroom where anyone and everyone can post recipe ideas to be shared with coworkers. 

    Encourage workers to snap a photo of their favorites and test them out. Remind them to share their favorite recipe, too. You may even want to get more niche with the idea and encourage all recipes to be of the 30-minute-or-less variety. Because who wants to spend all night cooking when it’s beautiful outside?

  3. Look for excuses to move around. 

    If you have a sit-down job, look for reasons to stand up and move around a few times each day. Instead of responding to a colleague via phone or email, check in with them in person. 

    Other ideas: take the stairs instead of the elevator, fill up your water bottle at the water cooler across the office, or visit a restroom on a different floor (why not?). You’re not looking to kill time, but looking for a reason to stretch your legs, your back, and the rest of you, too. 

    According to Alsco, “The British Journal of Sports Medicine recommends you spend at least two hours a day standing and gradually work up to 50% of your workday. Productivity, a decreased risk of diabetes, and weight loss are all benefits from a more active day.” That goes for everyone -- desk jockeys, too.

For more health and wellness tips, please contact your certified HR expert. Not a current Stratus HR client? Book a free consultation and our team will contact you shortly!

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