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What’s the best kind of workplace fitness? The kind that makes you forget you’re doing something good for yourself.



Blame it on a decade of summer vacations that we all had during school, or on popsicle trucks, backyard BBQs and baseball games, but it seems like summer has a reputation for relaxation. That’s great, until it gets in the way of your fitness goals.

“What?” you say. “I’m supposed to have fitness goals?”

No worries if you don’t -- for the next 13 weeks, we’re giving you work-focused wellness ideas to last you a whole summer... and then some. Easy to do and interesting, they’re just what your summer needs to keep you relaxed and on your toes all at the same time.

What’s the best kind of summer fitness? The kind that makes you forget you’re doing something good for yourself. And it’s even better when you can slip it into your workday, like these three ideas:

  1. Nothing but (ping-pong) net.

    Take a break with a co-worker, a couple of paddles and a game of ping pong. If it’s been a while since you’ve played, you may have forgotten that ping pong involves plenty of small-scale action -- particularly if you’re bad and constantly chasing down that lightweight ball. In a short 15-minute break, you could burn off 75 calories, work in some awkward stretches and get in a few laughs, too. And if your workplace doesn’t have a ping pong table, look for other good options, including foosball and air hockey. Or bring a couple of paddle balls and aim for accuracy.

  2. A league of your own.

    Usually league sports (softball, bowling) want serious competitors only, but there’s no reason why your workplace can’t organize its own unofficial league instead. Create teams and times that work with everyone’s schedule and get creative. You could organize a badminton league, hackey sac, 3-person basketball teams, or tournaments of corn hole; anything that gets you up and moving around.

  3. Fitness/FitBit challenges.

    Tired of playing nice? Set up weekly challenges that incorporate Fitbits or other fitness trackers into the routine (number of steps, flights of stairs, miles ran, walking speed, calories burned, etc). Award prizes, but know that they don’t have to break the bank. Your weekly winners could be motivated by something as simple as their 8x10 headshot on a strategically placed leaderboard.

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