Volatile Politics: What Business Owners Should Know

The new administration has many issues to tackle that will directly affect many businesses owners. Whatever the changes may be, we do know this...




With the volatility and uncertainty of the new political atmosphere, many businesses owners have asked how it will affect them. Though nobody has a crystal ball, whatever the changes may be, we can be assured of two things.

First, healthcare reform and repealing Obamacare in some capacity will have a multifaceted effect on businesses.  It will likely impact HR, payroll, hiring and retention, turnover costs, and overall labor costs.  The term “business as usual” will have a different look and feel for each employer, and creating simplicity in one form of employment may make things more complex in another.

Second, regardless of what changes may come from the new administration, utilizing Stratus.hr to stay on top of everything will prove to be a significant benefit. Internal resources can remain on the company’s critical objectives while Stratus.hr manages the impact of the changes on their business. According to Stratus.hr President, Michelyn Farnsworth, “We help clients formulate a ‘best practices’ approach for an overall strategy moving forward, meaning they don’t have to manage everything themselves.”

If you are a current Stratus.hr client, rest assured everything will be communicated and managed as we closely watch the new laws and their impact to your business. If you are not currently a Stratus.hr client, we encourage you to book a consultation and discover if our services may be the peace of mind you need in such a volatile environment. As Farnsworth coined it, “Change is coming, and utilizing Stratus.hr is the next best thing to having that crystal ball.”

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