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    How is Overtime Pay Calculated?

    Discover how to calculate overtime pay accurately and fairly. Learn legal aspects, common errors, and special considerations in overtime calculations.

    Should Managers Be Paid Overtime?

    Do your managers meet all the qualifications to be exempt from overtime? See where several large corporations went wrong.

    Which Jobs Could I Pay as a 1099 Contractor?

    Could the jobs you're paying employees to do be reconfigured to pay as 1099 contractors instead? What would it take?

    Mobile Devices: Minimizing Overtime Concerns

    When employees can check into work 24/7 with their mobile devices, shouldn't employers be paying overtime for that remote work time?

    Giving a 1099 to This Teenage Worker Was Illegal

    My niece’s employer took advantage of her by paying her as an independent contractor with a 1099 but insisted they did nothing wrong.

    Preventing COVID-19 Employment Claims

    With the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are more vulnerable than ever to employment claims, from both existing statutes and new laws recently...

    Unauthorized Overtime: Does a Company Have to Pay?

    If managers must pre-approve overtime but an employee works overtime without permission, does the company have to pay for the unauthorized overtime...


    Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources