Sack Lunch for Work? Pack It Up

Instead of bringing the same boring sack lunch each day, mix it up by going outisde or trying these ideas to add a little excitement.



Brown-bagging it can get awfully boring if it’s the same old lunch every day. Our suggestion? Turn your sack lunch into something special by using the following ideas.

1. Get out of here.

Who doesn’t love a good picnic? Whether it’s a table in the local park, a blanket on the office’s lawn, or a quick climb up to the roof for city workers, eating lunch outside makes every sack lunch taste better.

Encourage co-workers to make it a weekly activity this summer (or go solo with a great book). Think about creating a photo wall or having a few great giveaways to encourage participation. Remember, walking or biking to the park -- or grabbing a quick game of tetherball while there -- works some fitness mojo, too.

2. Just cook it.

There’s more to leftovers than cold takeout or pizza. Next time you fire up the grill, plan to make an extra serving for lunch the next day. Grilled meals reheat easily and keep the taste of summer going, even when you’re at work.

Setting aside leftovers for lunch while you’re preparing dinner is far easier than packing after the meal is done, even if that doesn’t make them truly “left over.” If it’s a burger you’re craving, put the patty in a microwavable container for travel and toss it in the microwave, then put it on a bun and add your toppings. You can even find to-go sizes of most condiments -- or maybe you’ll want to bring a jar of mustard for the breakroom refrigerator.

3. Pack something new -- like breakfast.

What if a healthy breakfast were as easy as grabbing something from the fridge each morning and eating on the go? Turns out there’s a lot you can do with a Mason jar, some grains, yogurt, fruit and more. Or opt for something less conventional, like a peanut butter sandwich with an apple chaser, which can also be made the night before.

Delicious foods come easily in summer, which may be why there are so many yummy tips to help workers eat healthy.

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