Maintaining a Positive Reputation Post-Coronavirus

While creating a positive reputation has always taken proactive effort, here are some things to be vigilant about while reopening from the coronavirus.



While your company moves forward with the coronavirus pandemic still affecting business-as-usual, it’s more important than ever to proactively keep tabs on your company’s reputation. Here are some best practices to help you keep that positive reputation intact.

Monitor Online Channels

Since reputation is more about public perception than facts, you should be regularly monitoring what is shared about your company via the following online channels:

  • Business reviews
  • Social media
  • News releases and articles
  • Blog posts
  • Forums
  • Competitor websites

If you come across something that portrays your company in a negative light, be sure to correct the false accusation as soon as possible. The quicker you respond to and fix any problems within your control, the better off you’ll be.

Make Employees Your Top Priority

Employees are the face of the company and can be your best promoters. Be sure to make their health, safety and well-being your top priority. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a collective desire to return to normal; returning to work can help create some of that normalcy.

Where possible, allow employees the option to continue working remotely or to come into the office. Provide proper safety controls for those that choose to come into the workplace and continue supporting and checking in on those that don’t. Consider appropriate measures for testing, social distancing, wearing masks, personal protective equipment, sick leave policies, and business travel guidelines. Your employees will be the main driver and promoters of your reputation as you protect your company brand from coronavirus implications.

Follow Government Advice

While this may sound obvious, be sure your company adheres to local health departments and government advice for proper guidance and safety measures. Companies who violate this guidance are susceptible to serious public backlash that may be difficult for your company to recover.


While there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world, employees need open, honest and frequent communication. Be transparent and check in regularly with your staff to help keep them calm and reduce their stress levels.

Customers also need regular updates from your company. If you have a company social media page, consider updating your audience daily about your offerings, services, proactive measures you’re taking to keep them safe during the pandemic, etc. The more you communicate, the more visible your company will be --- which may also inform customers that you’re open and ready to do business again.

Remain Positive as a Direct Reflection of Your Company’s Reputation

There is plenty of doomsday, negative information out there. Be part of the positive and you’ll be more likely to thrive. This will go a long way to help keep your company’s positive reputation intact.

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