Breaking Free from Your Desk

When deadlines and projects have caused you to sit for too long in one place, try these easy tips to escape your desk and quickly recharge.



Ever close your eyes and see … your desk? Deadlines and projects can force even the best of us to log way too many hours in one place or position. It’s time to exit your desk and chair to get a quick change of scenery.

Try the following ideas, which are all low-key, simple and workplace-friendly. You’ll get that change of scenery you desperately need and can still make it back to your desk in time to finish any project deadlines.

1. Exercise at your desk

Running in place at your desk isn’t always practical, but using an exercise band, doing some split squats or jumping jacks, or even just stretching is. Concerned that your co-workers will think you’re off your rocker? Invite them -- or challenge them -- to join you. There are dozens of videos on YouTube to help you determine which exercises to do.

2. Walk the stairs... or run them

Whether you’re in a 3-story building or a skyscraper, you can burn off everything from steam to calories on the stairs. Getting ready to dive into a particularly taxing project? Jog up and down the stairs for a few minutes (or more) before you start. It can also improve your focus.

3. Start a yoga class

More and more workplaces are offering on-site wellness opportunities to help workers fit fitness into their schedule. At the top of the list: yoga classes. Schedule classes a few times per week at lunch or immediately before or after work. You can either hire a fitness instructor to lead the class or pop in a DVD.

Not sure where to hold the class? Yoga allows for plenty of flexibility (cue the pun), including break rooms, a conference room (move tables and chairs to the sides) or even outside.

For more health and wellness tips, please contact your certified HR expert. Not a current Stratus HR client? Book a free consultation and our team will contact you shortly!

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