Hey there! It's the new Stratus HR

A fresh new Stratus HR is here and we are excited to show you what it’s all about!



We’re excited to announce the highly anticipated project that our Stratus team has been passionately working towards for the past several months…a rebrand! Let’s walk through the reasons behind this and what’s changing.


What's the goal?

The goal of this project is to not change who we are, but to develop a revised visual representation for Stratus…and we’re excited to have you along this journey!


Why now?

For the past 20+ years, we’ve been perfecting our team in addition to developing cutting-edge HR technology.

With growth, there’s always change – but inevitably for the better. With this refresh, our mission hasn’t changed, but our team and brand have evolved. The new Stratus HR brand reflects just that – so there’s no better time than now!


What’s changing?

There are many intricate details of this journey, but here are some of the most obvious:

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We are so excited about our new brand and the future of Stratus HR! If you don’t yet work with us, come find out how we are “Putting the HUMAN back in Human Resources.”

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