Rather than debating whether it’s better to be a morning lark or a night owl in the workforce; here are suggestions on how you can start each morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, perfect for summer or any other season.

  1. Sleep more, or at least sleep better. If it seems counterintuitive to be thinking about sleep when the sun is up, know that better sleep has been linked to productivity, mood and overall health. Encourage workers to track their sleep and target 7+ hours each night or more, or to set personal goals for the amount of sleep that helps them perform at their best. Award prizes (think sleep masks or a good pillow) to everyone who achieves or beats their goal.
  2. Forget the car and train. Put your feet to use by walking or pedaling to work. You’ll save money, get in shape, spend more time in the fresh air, and reach wellness goals faster — all with less effort than going to the gym. Live too far to walk? Park as far from the door as possible or take the bus and get off a stop or two early.
  3. Chuckle, giggle, chortle or guffaw. Laughing for wellness? You betcha! Maureen, a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Elemental Chi Kung Instructor of Bodiwellnes, told Alsco, “Laughter is great as it combines belly breathing (ever tried laughing when you’re in a depressed stance? i.e. shoulders hunched, head bowed, chest concave – just not possible), and laughing releases feel-good hormones.” We couldn’t be happier about that idea. Tell a joke each morning that would be appropriate for the workplace, hone your amateur stand-up skills, or just think of funny thoughts. You could even start a morning joke-of-the-day newsfeed and encourage co-workers to post theirs, too.

Find other cost-effective health and wellness ideas here. Thanks again to Alsco for providing us with inspiration for our 13 weeks of wellness from their huge list of great ideas and tips in their 146 Ways to Achieve Employee Health and Wellness.

Refreshed at work

Sleeping, walking, and laughing are all great ways for employees to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, which leads to higher morale and productivity.

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