Intermountain Healthcare’s “Health Hub” App is Here


Members now have access to manage their health on their mobile device. Download Intermountain Healthcare’s new consumer-facing mobile app on the iTunes App Store or Google Play to get an easy tool to manage your health and simplify your entire healthcare experience.

Here are some features and benefits the new app gives you:

  • InstaCare and KidsCare: Find InstaCare urgent care walk-in clinics near you. Compare wait times by location and hold your place in line before you arrive. Also find KidsCare after-hours clinics and contact info for making appointments.
  • Doctors: Find doctors by name, specialty, hospital, clinic, location, etc., and save your doctors to your “favorites” for quick reference later.
  • Locations: Find Intermountain hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies near you or in other locations and save your favorites for quick reference later.
  • My Health: Access the password-protected My Health patient portal, where you can securely message your doctor, check lab results and other parts of your medical record, and review your SelectHealth benefits and claims. My Health also provides access to your ID card, body area, or alphabetically by topic. Find out when you should see a doctor or call 911. Learn about self-care options. Link to doctors saved in your favorites or locate InstaCare clinics near you.
  • GermWatch: Find out how active various germs are in your area and around the state, and see how their activity level is trending. Learn about symptoms, how germs are spread, treatments, vaccinations, and when you should contact your doctor.
  • Pay Bills: Pay Intermountain Healthcare bills by credit card or eCheck.
  • Send wishes: Send cards with personalized messages directly to patients in Intermountain Hospitals.
  • First Aid: Get first aid tips for common injuries such as sprains, choking, cuts, hypothermia, etc.
Chase Heywood, Chief Operations Officer

Author Chase Heywood, Chief Operations Officer

Chase is a CPA with a Master’s degree in Accounting and brings new meaning to the word 'busy.' As a dedicated fitness fanatic, Chase has competed nationally in the Crossfit Games and yet has even more passion for his kids.

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