is growing! We know that happy clients and employees are our best marketing tool – if we take great care of them, they’ll want to tell their business associates about us. So instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertising, we have allocated that money to a generous referral incentive to encourage you to refer based on your experience!

Earn $60 per employee for every company referred!

Up to $6000!!!

If the company you refer has 25 employees, you earn $1500!

Here’s how the referral incentive program works:

  1. Think of a business that you know could use our services. This could be a business owned or operated by a relative, neighbor, friend, or even a business where your relative, neighbor, or friend works!
  2. Provide us with your contact’s information, such as a phone number and/or email address, their title, and some basic company information. This can be submitted via our mobile app, Mobile (log in and click “Refer Business”), or at
  3. Our business development team will take it from there! They’ll set up an initial appointment with your contact, which is their first opportunity to understand the needs of the company you refer, and will assess the value can provide. Our team will keep you posted along the way as they continue to meet and follow-up with your contact.
  4. If your referral decides to partner with, we will pay you $60/employee after 90 days of service. It’s that easy!!

Although our clients and employees have first-hand knowledge of’s services, there is no requirement to be a client to be eligible for the referral incentive! This program is available to anyone inside or outside the family. Have any questions? Please contact our business development team at and they’ll be happy to respond at their earliest convenience.

Already have a company in mind? Fill out your referring company’s information below and you’ll have just completed steps 1 and 2! Try it out today!