provides top-notch, full-service human resource management. From liability reduction to improved employee retention, our goal at is to make running your business easier by doing the hands-on HR work for you.

Our highly-trained and certified professional staff are available when you need them – real people you can talk to, ask questions, and get help from when you have questions. You and your employees get the service you need and the value you deserve from HR. Every day.

Founded in 1999 by John and Michelyn Farnsworth, has quickly emerged as Utah’s leading HR administration solution.

Our goal at the outset was simple; find positive, motivated business owners and partner with them to help them grow. We were (and still are!) picky about the clients we would work with. We hired friends, family and professionals who shared our passion for helping people, and ended up with a great team of experts serving loyal clients. We’ve built true strategic partnerships by helping each other succeed.

What could mean to your business

The bottom line is this:  You know your own industry. And we know HR. With scalable administration fees based on the number of employees you have plus menu-driven custom solutions, will grow with you every step of the way. Cut your HR costs, attract and retain the best talent, manage your risk, and simplify your workday while taking excellent care of the employees you depend on.